Improve your open and click rates by creating quality email address books. Learn how to add recipients who are genuinely interested in receiving news about your products and services.

Internet users have become well accustomed to completing newsletter sign ups on all different types of websites. This can result in people signing up for your email newsletter whilst they have a passing interest in your products and services at the time of visiting your website. As time goes by this passing interest can dwindle, eventually becoming non-existent and meanwhile your email campaigns continue to be delivered, which in turn affects your overall open rates, click through rates and conversion rates.

By increasing the number of fields that a person has to complete to sign up to the newsletter, you will instantly improve the quality of subscribers. If someone is genuinely interested in receiving offers and information via email they will go to the effort of filling in a short questionnaire.

Storing email addresses from online enquiries is a common way of building up address books. However, by displaying a pre-checked email opt-in box you will be receiving more dead weight subscribers. Leave the check box empty, and then if someone submitting an enquiry wishes to be contacted via email newsletter they will tick the box voluntarily.

Sending a short survey to current address books can help to cleanse them, whilst gathering more information about the subscribers. Sending the surveys to recipients who have not opened or clicked recent email campaigns can be useful and you can find out exactly why they are not interested in your campaigns. If they continue to dismiss your communications you can move them from your main address book into an alternative address book which you may send to less often than your main lists. This will give a better open and click through rate for your email campaigns as you will be sending to those who have expressed an interest in your newsletters previously.

  • Improve open & click rates with quality address books
  • Lengthen the newsletter sign up process
  • Do not display pre-checked email opt-in boxes on website enquiries
  • Cleanse current email address books by asking recipients to confirm that they wish to be in the database
  • Remove email addresses that consistently do not open email campaigns
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